The Photo Booth Reinvented

Stylish. Energizing. Functional.

Built with all three things in mind, Boxcar Booths are the future of the photo booth industry. Our booths have an iconic design that is sure to be remembered at your wedding, party or event.


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Hand Crafted

Every Boxcar Booth is hand crafted, built to perfection and carefully finished.

How It's Built?

Build Your Booth

Using your own components so it works exactly the way you want it to. We provide the shell, you provide the guts.

The Booth

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Its All About the Prints

Using dye-sub printing technology, printing costs are kept to a minimum which helps keep operating costs down and your profits up. Gone are the days of reloading ink or worrying about print quality. Plug it in and go.


Photo Booth Printing

Photo Booths With Character

Our booths are hand crafted and built from premium woods and iron pipe giving them an iconic booth look. Chose from a variety of different finishes and then take it a step further with our booth customization options.

Portability in Mind

Boxcar Booths are built on a modular framework, allowing them to be packed in a pelican case or transported in assembled sections making for an even quicker setup time. All of our booths were designed to fit in a regular sized sedan.


Grow Your Business

Book more weddings by offering a photo booth rental & increase your profits per event.

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Your Booth is Your Brand

A camera on a tripod inside a black tent is boring, so why not have your booth scream your brand? Our custom logo etching and booth customization options allow you to give your photo booth an identity.

Personalize Your Booth

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