Do the Math

How many rentals does it take to pay off your booth?

With an average rental of $700, it only takes several rentals to completely pay off your photo booth. After this, every rental is profit in your pocket.

Easy To Use

Build your booth so it works the way you need it to. Boxcar Booth Co allows you to use your own hardware, which you are comfortable with, to operate the way you know how.

Personalize Your Booth

When buying a Boxcar Booth, you’ll have the option to customize your photo booth in a variety of ways. Your booth is your brand.

Customization Options

Our photo booth customization options allow you to transform a Boxcar Booth into an iconic piece of your brand. All the way from custom wood finishes to logo engraving, your booth will be one of a kind.

Boxcar-Booth-CNC-Wood-Logo Using a custom routing process, we can engrave your company’s logo into your booth.

Photo_Booth_Print_LayoutsCustom print templates are a great way to expose your brand & give clients a personal touch.

Amazing Image Quality

No webcams or inkjet printers. Boxcar Photo Booths are built for high quality cameras and dye-sub printers that produce a professional photo booth experience.



Your Business

  1. Couples are more likely to book your services if you offer a photo booth rental option.
  2. Increase your total package prices by bundling a photo booth in higher level packages.
  3. Photo Booths have been shown to improve overall customer satisfaction.
  4. Its an easy way to build a referral network by tagging your prints with your company’s name & website.


A cost effective printing solution is the key to minimizing your photo booth operating costs.

Pro Prints at a Fraction of the Cost

Dye-sub printers are an ink-less printing technology that come with many advantages. The biggest being their reduced per-print cost which is significantly lower than standard inkjet prints. Prints have zero dry time and are often made in less than 15 seconds. Reload cartridges often carry capacities into the several hundreds, meaning you’ll don’t have to change out ink or paper half way through your event. The dye-sub printers we use are built for commercial purposes and require very little to no maintenance.

  • Less than .15 Cents Per Print
  • Prints in Less than 15 Seconds
  • No Messy Ink
  • Professional Grade Prints

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