Own a Boxcar Booth

Buying a Boxcar Booth Co Photo Booth Shell gives you the ability to tailor your booth around your equipment & expertise. We don’t limit you proprietary hardware or software. How you outfit your booth is up to you.

Make it Your Own

With Boxcar Booth Co, you can select your tablet/computer, stain color, pipe fittings and customize the overall look of your booth. Once completed, it will be one of a kind.

Start Building

Can I buy a photo booth from Boxcar Booth Co?

We sell photo booths to anyone and everyone. You don’t have to already be in the wedding or event industry to buy one.

Why should I buy a booth?

If you buy a photo booth, you’ll receive 100% of the profits when renting it out to your clients. Most of our customers have paid for their photo booth purchases within a few months of ownership.

Can I finance my photo booth purchase?

While we do not currently have financing finalized, we are in the works of providing customers with that option. We do accept check and credit card as a form of payment though.

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